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Digital Onecore will enable you in mastering the fundamentals of video marketing and developing a strategy that works best for your growing business while maximizing results.


Grab Customer Attention

Build Your Brand

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YouTube advertising services enable you to leverage the social network’s massive user base to increase brand awareness, generate sales, attract leads, and increase channel followers.

Digital Onecore is a YouTube advertising agency that provides a full range of services. From initial creative and video production to ad creation and implementation, our team of video marketing experts provides everything your company needs to advertise on YouTube.

YouTube is the second most visited website after Google, with 5 billion videos watched on the platform each day. With such a large and dedicated audience, businesses have a fantastic opportunity to advertise their videos on YouTube and reach a large customer base.

To complete all aspects of video production for our clients, Digital Onecore collaborates with a team of producers, writers, directors, and experienced cinematographers. Whether this is your first video or your hundredth, we treat your project with the utmost professionalism.


YouTube Video Advertising


Popular & Shareable

One of the most significant advantages of using YouTube advertising services is that your videos and the videos on which you advertise are easily shareable. In fact, over 5 billion videos have been shared on YouTube’s platform, which is not surprising given that users enjoy sharing content with their friends and family. With simple share buttons and a large user base, videos have the potential to reach a large number of people in a short period of time.


Active User Base

YouTube is currently used by nearly 2 billion internet users, and this number is expected to grow in the future. YouTube is the ideal platform for growing your business and promoting brand awareness, with a much higher engagement rate for video ads and such a large user base. Advertising on the right channels and to the right demographics can also outperform the limited demographic targeting available on many other platforms.

Long Viewing Time

Unlike many other websites and forms of entertainment, the average YouTube mobile viewing session lasts nearly 40 minutes. Unlike many desktop users or users of other websites, most mobile users do not have ad blocks installed on their phones and have no qualms about watching short video ads. This increased viewing time provides advertisers with an opportunity to capture viewer attention and generate more leads.



Platform For Organic & Paid

YouTube, like many other social media and content sharing websites, provides a platform for both paid and organic content promotion. People watch videos on topics that interest them, how-to videos, entertainment videos, and anything else that piques their interest. Brands that create videos that are creative, interesting, and informative stand to gain a lot of views and revenue. YouTube ads can help your brand thrive and grow.


Why Video Marketing Matters?

  • Video marketing captures the attention of the audience quickly and keeps it throughout the duration of the video. According to 87% of video marketers, video has increased traffic to their website.

  • Videos are the most popular type of content, and media on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram is more popular than ever.

  • It is a cost-effective and efficient way to get your brand noticed when compared to other traditional forms of media. Increase the number of likes and subscribers, which will lead to a dedicated fanbase and loyal customers.


Viral Videos & Awareness

Because of the “viral” nature of videos and how easy it is for a creative video to take off, an increasing number of content creators, businesses, and advertisers are flocking to create YouTube videos and ads. While it may not happen immediately, there are numerous tips and tricks that can assist you in creating a “viral” video, ad, or campaign that provides value to viewers as well as your business. Seek the assistance of a seasoned YouTube advertising agency.


If You Have To Ask, You Need Video Production Marketing.

Do you have any video content that highlights what your company does or who you are?

To succeed as a business or brand, you must understand how social media works and what audiences respond to.

Is your brand appealing to the next generation of customers?

Social media allows you to gain a better understanding of your target audience, their expectations, and what they think of your brand.

Do you have a YouTube channel with subscribers that regularly posts new content?

More people than ever before are watching short video content for entertainment and to help them make brand decisions. Most young consumers are online and watch video content several times per week, if not multiple times per day.


Video Marketing Pricing

All of our videos are compatible with mobile, desktop, web, app, and in-stream contexts, so they shouldn’t be considered a luxury. We reduce the size of your video files without sacrificing quality so you can use them in static places! Your videos have higher viewability rates and load more quickly.


Starter Plan
$ 1199 99
2 Vertical Videos, 1 Actor per Quarter
Monthly Ad Spend: $1,000-$5,000
Max Ad Campaigns: 3, Max Ads: 12
Ad Creation
Ad Optimization
Platform: YouTube


Growth Plan
$ 2499 99
4 Vertical Videos, 2 Actor per Quarter
Monthly Ad Spend: $5,000+
Max Ad Campaigns: 6, Max Ads: 24
Ad Creation
Ad Optimization
2 Platforms: Platform: YouTube/Tiktok


Custom Scale Plan
$ Custom
Vertical Videos & Actors
Monthly Ad Spend:
Max Ad Campaigns: , Max Ads:
Ad Creation
Ad Optimization

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