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Google Ads allows you to reach your target audience at the exact moment they are interested in your product. In Digital Onecore, create dynamic (enhanced) text ads to stand out on the Google Ads search and display networks.

Using the Digital Onecore SEA tool, create relevant ads.

  • You will save a lot of time! Your Google Ads ads are created in Digital Onecore’s SEA tool using information from your data feed.

  • Before you publish your ads, use the Digital Onecore tool to double-check them. This allows you to correct any mistakes before they are published.

  • Make use of our simple ad templates! To create up-to-date and relevant ads for your products, combine dynamic data from your feed with static text.

  • All of your campaigns, ad groups, ads, (negative) keywords, sitelinks, and price extensions should be created entirely in Digital Onecore before being sent to your Google Ads account. This will sync your text ads to your data feed automatically.

  • Because your ads are synced with your data feed, they will always be up to date and relevant. Do you no longer have a particular item in stock? The product is no longer advertised as a result. You will no longer have to disappoint customers in this manner!

Why advertise on Google Ads with Digital Onecore?

Avoid wasting money on clicks that do not result in conversions. You can use the Digital Onecore SEA Tool to generate text ads based on dynamic fields from your own product feed.

Ads for Local Inventory
Combine offline and online marketing by incorporating information about product availability in your physical store(s) into your online marketing. Local Inventory Ads are supported by Digital Onecore!

Price increases and sitelinks
The more relevant the information in your ad, the better. Send potential customers to the right place on your website and communicate your product prices at a glance. The Digital Onecore SEA tool makes it simple to configure ad extensions.

Sell products on Google Ads

What distinguishes Google Ads is the ability to control who sees your ads. Consider people from a specific city, a specific hobby or interest, or even a specific age. Google Ads, also known as PPC, only charges you when someone clicks on your ad (Pay Per Click). You can also set your own budget and a maximum bid per ad. You can select keywords when creating your ads. These are keywords that potential customers may use to find your website on Google. After you’ve completed all of the steps and your ads are live, you can track the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns.

Digital Onecore provides a SEA tool to assist online sellers and marketing agencies dealing with thousands of products. Based on your product feed, our SEA tool can generate thousands of dynamic Google text ads and Shopping ads. There are pre-made ad templates for creating rich text ads with dynamic fields that you can use to create custom ads for all of your products. You can also use the import data to set up sitelinks and (negative) keywords, as well as choose the countries and languages for your ads. All of this can be changed in the Google Ads tool before exporting the campaigns to your Google Ads account.

Advantages of Using Google Ads

  • Reach out to customers at the right time

Your advertisements are shown to consumers who are already looking for the type of service or product you provide.

  • Control your spending.

You will be charged through the CPC (Cost Per Click) system only if a customer clicks on your ad, not if the customer only sees your ad. You can set a budget in the Google Ads tool so that you never pay more than you want to pay.

  • Determine what works and what doesn’t, and then adjust your ads accordingly.

Reports in Google Ads show how well your ads are performing. After reviewing the report, make the necessary changes in the Google Ads tool. This data is critical because it shows exactly what improvements are required.

Where will my ads be shown?

Google Ads are the text advertisements that appear at the top and right side of Google search results pages. When a consumer searches for a keyword that matches one of the keywords you’ve specified in the Google Ads tool, your ads will appear. The upcoming image represents that. However, other areas of advertisements will be shown include:

On various devices

People who are on the go and performing searches or visiting websites can see your ads:

  • When people search on Google using their mobile devices or tablets, your text ads may appear.
  • When people visit Google Display Network websites using high-end mobile devices like iPhones, Android devices, or tablets, your text, image, and video ads may appear.
  • Your ads may also appear in mobile apps that are part of our Display Network.
Google ads digital onecore

In selected locations or languages

If you have text advertising, you can decide whether to display them to users across the entire nation, in a certain geographic area, or even to users who specifically search for a particular location.

You can also tailor your campaigns to the languages that your potential clients use in order to more effectively contact them. Additionally, if your target audience is multilingual, you may set up distinct campaigns to handle the ads and keywords for each of those languages.

On websites where your customers visit

You can also choose to display your advertisements to people as they browse the web. Your text, image, and video advertisements may be displayed on the Google Display Network. The Display Network is a collection of websites that display advertisements, including Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube. Mobile sites and apps are also part of this network.

If you’ve ever wondered how an ad ended up on your favorite news site or in your Gmail account, now you know: these sites are part of the Google Display Network.

Digital onecore google ADS

Build Relationships (Engagement)

There are no surprises (Transparent)

Low risk contracts

Increase Website Exposure (Traffic & Conversions)

Develop Brand Awareness

Google Advertising Pricing

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements are now widely spread across the internet. You’ve undoubtedly clicked on a few ads while perusing the internet, whether they were social media or Google ads. In actuality, 63% of shoppers do. So there is no need to go further if you are a business owner seeking for a PPC firm to manage your PPC accounts.


$ 499 99
$500-$3499/month ad spend (paid to channel)
Advanced ad targeting
Advertising creation
Bid Management & Optimization


$ 999 99
$3500-$6999/month ad spend (paid to channel)
Advanced ad targeting
Advertising creation
Bid Management & Optimization


$ 1499 99
$7000-9999/month ad spend (paid to channel)
Advanced ad targeting
Advertising creation
Bid Management & Optimization

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